Why Christian | Ryan?

• Average Recruiting Lifecycle, from job order to offer delivered, is 46 days. We are thorough but fast!

• 88% of offers delivered were accepted. We deliver your preferred candidates!

• 80% of candidates submitted for review were interviewed by our clients. We invest your time wisely!

• The average tenure of submitted candidates in their previous job was 3.5 years. Our candidates are not searching the “want ads” looking for jobs. They are performing well as competitors of yours and we actively recruit them.

• Scott is an active member of The Pinnacle Society, an organization comprised of 80 of the top billing Executive Recruiters in the country.

• Scott is a Certified Professional Consultant, and a board member of the Tennessee Recruiters Association.

Commitment to Diversity
• Scott placed 202 candidates over the past 10 years, accounting for over $5mm in total billing volume.

• 38 of those placements, or 19% were Diversity candidates.

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