No Time Wasted

Executive Vice President- US Bank
I’ve worked with Scott Tonsoni now for several years. I’ve always found him to be aggressive, but professional. He understands not only the business, but also, the specific function of the positions that you are trying to fill. Scott really drills down to ensure that no time is ever wasted by presenting candidates that are just not a good fit for the position you are recruiting for. Scott has a no-nonsense style and when he’s working on a search for you he devotes a lot of time and energy to it. Scott was able to fill two key leadership roles for me with experienced and talented individuals who had been with their prior employers for quite a long time. In my view, it’s pretty easy to get the “C” and “D” players, but companies hold onto the “A” and “B” players and counter-offer them when there is fear of losing them. Scott was able to get them anyway. Both employees turned out to be even better than reported to me when Scott and I first talked about them.

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