Why Christian | Ryan?

• Average Recruiting Lifecycle, from job order to offer delivered, is 46 days. We are thorough but fast!

• 88% of offers delivered were accepted. We deliver your preferred candidates!

• 80% of candidates submitted for review were interviewed by our clients. We invest your time wisely!

• The average tenure of submitted candidates in their previous job was 3.5 years. Our candidates are not searching the “want ads” looking for jobs. They are performing well as competitors of yours and we actively recruit them.

• Scott is an active member of The Pinnacle Society, an organization comprised of 80 of the top billing Executive Recruiters in the country.

• Scott is a Certified Professional Consultant, and a board member of the Tennessee Recruiters Association.

Commitment to Diversity
• Scott placed 202 candidates over the past 10 years, accounting for over $5mm in total billing volume.

• 38 of those placements, or 19% were Diversity candidates.

Search Process

Our core competency at Christian|Ryan is executive search within the Commercial Banking/Finance space. To initiate each new search assignment we invest time in understanding the needs of the client company. To effectively perform an executive search assignment, we start by developing a complete understanding of our client’s business which includes company history, services provided, leadership, philosophy, future plans for growth and culture. This is the most essential phase of the search process because it is where the foundation is laid for the remainder of the search. During this phase we also gain a thorough understanding of our client’s unique, “selling points” that will get potential candidates excited about the opportunity.

We rely on our expertise, experience and extensive network in the commercial finance/banking space to deliver the best candidates, which are many times candidates that are too busy performing for their current employer to be looking for their next career move. As we identify and qualify candidates for our clients, we not only match the candidate’s experience with the position description but also evaluate and match the cultural fit between the company and the potential candidate. After considering all the information gathered in the search process, our firm presents the top pool of candidates we feel best fit the position specifications. This finalist pool represents the best match in background, experience, culture, and motivation to make a career change. We help facilitate the interview process and act as an intermediary during this courtship providing objective third party counsel to both the client company and candidate.

We play an active role in every remaining step of the process which includes reference checking, managing expectations with regard to compensation, negotiations, offer delivery and resignation consultation with candidates.

Additionally, what differentiates Christian|Ryan from competitors is our post-placement follow up. Many search firms disappear after a candidate has been placed with a client company. We view this as the beginning of more great things to come in our partnership. Once the candidate accepts the offer and starts with our client company, we continue to maintain contact with both the client and candidate to ensure the candidate’s smooth transition and integration into the company.

Company Profile

Scott Tonsoni is the Managing Director of Christian|Ryan LLC. Prior to founding Christian|Ryan in 2009, Scott spent 13 years with SBR, an International Search Firm headquartered in Nashville, TN. Scott has run a successful desk focused on Commercial Banking and Equipment Finance since he began in this profession in 1997. His representative clients include global financial services companies, independent commercial finance institutions, and regional banks. Scott is a member of The Pinnacle Society, a prestigious organization limited to 75 of the top recruiters in the nation. He is also an acting Board Member of the Tennessee Recruiters Association. Although Christian|Ryan is headquartered in the Southeast, the firm serves clients nationwide.